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Should I Ever Poison an Ohio Coyote?

Even before we come to why attempting to poison a Cincinnati coyote is simply a bad idea, let us look at other methods that are used and considered by other people in removal and killing of coyotes.
- Traps. These are mostly lethal traps which rather than capture the animal, they crush the animal to its death. This is a commonly used method. The biggest disadvantage with this is that it also puts your pets and other livestock in danger, because the trap is not selective to coyotes and if a dog finds its way into a trap, well, it gets crushed.
- Guns. These are also used quite regularly and who doesn't know the dangers of firing a gun about?
So, if you are considering poisoning an Ohio coyote that's been bothering you, then please think again. THIS IS A TERRIBLE IDEA that you should not even consider.

The poison may be consumed by other animals
How many animals are you willing to kill before you get to the coyote? Due to the conflict between coyotes and humans, coyotes are less likely to turn up searching for food when there is heavy human traffic.
- This means that you have to set the bait and leave it for the coyote to find and ingest it along with the poison.
- Remember it's not only Cincinnati coyotes go around picking up food.
- Pets like dogs do the same and basically eat the same type of food. And it's not like the poison is coyote specific. So you are likely to poison your own and your neighbors pets before the coyote.

It's inhumane
Supposing you successfully poison the coyote. The poison will take a while before it kills the coyote. It's not like bug spray on ants. It might take hours maybe even days. And throughout this time the animal is going to be in pain and would be cruel. Add to that, the Ohio animal will spread its misery by attacking other animals and people that it may come across. It may even kill and this is going to be your fault.

Location of where it will die
Taking in consideration the period of time it will take the Cincinnati coyote to die, there's no telling where it's going to die. It may die in someone's back yard. Its decomposing body will leave a terrible stench and imagine what a nuisance that would be. And more so if a child came across the body.

You may kill unintended animals
Considering the poison that you use to poison the coyotes is another thing. Once you poison the coyote, you might end up secondarily poisoning other animals for example mountain lions which might consume the coyote and this in turn causes multiple deaths of wild Ohio animals that you didn't even intend.

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